Text Box:           Marine Park First School

Junior Apprentice 2011-12

Marine Park First School
Park Road
Whitley Bay
United Kingdom, NE26 1LT

Tel: 0191 2008723

[email protected]

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Junior Apprentice 201-12

The Little NewtonsMarine Park IncorporatingH.S.E.M.HaribosWe're in it to win it!C.H.T.LThe SmartiesMarine Park IncorporatingH.S.E.M.We're in it to win it!C.H.T.LThe Smarties

Take a tour of the school

Three Junior Apprentice groups created a video tour of the school.

Task 4: Create a Video Tour of the School- click here to watchTask 3: Create a Podcast- click on the group to listenTask 2: Children in Need Assembly: Photos coming soonTask 1: Send in your C.V. by 3.15 p.m. on Wednesday 9th of November 2011You're Fired