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Please visit our page regularly to keep up to date with the work of our School Council

Mrs Robertson is the teacher who meets with School Council once a fortnight. They meet in the school library to plan and share ideas for fundraising, both for school and charity appeals, and look at school policies. They regularly meet with Mr Easton to share their ideas and he is always keen to involve them in important roles around school. Each class elects two councillors and they represent their class from half the school year after which classes elect new councillors.

Coming Up

School Council will be looking for ways in which Marine Park First School can help to make changes to help reduce global warming and climate change on our planet—we will be looking at changes both large and small. If you have any improvements you think school can make to save energy and resources please let your school councillor know.

November 2019

Our Bake Sale to raise money for research into Huntington’s Disease was a HUGE success.

Please accept a heartfelt thank you, on behalf of all the children and the school council, for your help with our bake sale on Tuesday November 12th.

We were overwhelmed by your generosity of time and money; the number of amazing cakes which your children brought into school; and also your patience in queueing to buy on the night!

A special thank you too to all the members of the school council who came up with the ideas for advertising and promoting our sale; those children who gave up their lunch time to make posters and those in years 3 & 4 whose parents were able to help on the night.

Our After School Club parents also took part; their tombola for cakes means we raised £465 in total from our sale.

This money will be given to the “Huntington’s Disease Association” to continue to fund their research and support families who are affected by this disease.

Click here to look at some photos.


Anti Bullying Award


Marine Park was awarded the first ever Anti-Bullying Award, by the North Tyneside’s Youth Council. The council were impressed by all the hard work last year’s school council had put in and the leaflet about bullying which they made. See our leaflet on our website.

We were presented our award during assembly in anti-bullying week, when we were all wearing odd socks in school, to show we are all individual and unique.

Our ABC Reps from last year will be training up new reps in the New Year to take over in February.


September 2019

ABC Reps

Following last years training our Anti-Bullying Children Reps now have their badges and are out and about in the school yard. Children in school can speak to one of their ABC Reps if they have a friendship / bullying problem at school or in the yard. In November, last year’s ABC Reps will train up new Reps to take over.

Green Ideas

Emile came to our last school council meeting. He was enthused by his experience on the Climate Change March and had several whole school ‘green’ initiatives to suggest to the council. We are thinking through these ideas and some of our own. More on this to follow….

A school councillor chose to organise a litter pick in the school grounds to help School’s Action Against Climate Change. He and a friend went out during golden time and collected a bag full of plastic in a short space of time. This was plastic ‘saved’ from being blown directly into the North Sea—well done boys!

Family Credit Count

School Council have carried out their first family credit count of the year—there is fierce competition between the family groups. Who will have non-uniform day at the end of this half term? Keep working hard to collect those credits.

Welcome Back!

The new school year has begun. Our new school councillors met together and had their photos taken for the School Council Board.

Classes from Years 1 through 4, elected their new councillors for the first half of the 2019-20 academic year.

May 2019

We had a visit from Sergeant Gentry from Northumbria Police who came to talk to us about policing in Newcastle upon Tyne. The children asked lots of interesting questions and were given the opportunity to feedback on how valuable they find police officers. We all gave a reason why we thought police officers had such an important role to play in society.  We recorded these as a thank you and Sergeant Gentry plans to share our thoughts with other officers across the force.

April 2019

The new school council vest have arrived at last. The children look really smart and can be easily identified as being a member of our school council. We continue to work on our own version of a school behaviour policy and are going to share this with Mr Easton soon.

March 2019

We met to discuss our school behaviour policy. School Council are currently working on their own version and when it’s complete we are going to meet with Mr Easton and share our ideas.

We’ve also ordered a new set of Hi Vis Vests for the Councillors to wear which makes them easily identifiable within school. 

February 2019

Voting took place this week for week. The new Councillors are in place and we are looking forward to sharing ideas and feeding back these ideas to classes.

Thank you to the School Councillors who represented their classes for the first half of the year. They did a really good job attending meetings, counting family credits and feeding back ideas to their classes. Voting will take place for the next cohort of Councillors after the half term holiday.

January 2019

Happy New Year from your School Council

We completed another count this week, the children have been working hard and earning lots of family credits.

We met for the first time in 2019 to discuss some projects for the New Year. One idea was that School Council has a go at writing our own policy linked to one of our school policies.

December 2018

School Council raised an amazing £520 for St Oswalds hospice. Thank you to everyone who bought a Festive Friend.

We all enjoyed our Christmas lunch and enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers.

School Council worked so hard counting lots of family credits. Well done to the Blue Sapphires who won the prize and got to see Peter Pan at the Playhouse.

November 2018

School Council have been busy discussing ideas for Christmas. We plan to sell Festive Friends in aide of St Oswalds hospice and we are again encouraging everyone to wear their Christmas jumper to our school Christmas lunch.

Watch out for letters giving further information about these two events.

October 2018

We gathered ideas of the sorts of things that the school would like to see on the yard. Many of the ideas are amazing and we are going to prioritise 4 things according to cost and feasibility.

September 2018

Suggestions have been coming in from classes and lots of children have fed back that they would like the School Council to look at ways of improving break times with the addition of toys / activities.

Mrs Souter met with the new Councillors. We talked about the sorts of things we might do this year. Each class have been asked to suggest things that they would like us to work on.

Mr Easton and Mrs Souter took a whole school assembly where they talked about the role of the School Council. The children were asked to go away and think about whether they would like to represent their class up until February half term.

There is a real buzz around School as children prepare to vote for their new School Councillors.  Once the vote in each class has taken place Mrs Souter will meet with the children.

Welcome back!

June 2018

Breaking news

Wednesday 13th June 2018

School Council have organised a sticker swap shop for children who are collecting the stickers for the Russia World Cup. On this day the children can bring in as many stickers as they would like and swap duplicates with their friends. Watch out for a letter in your child’s book bag.

May 2018

We met with Aoife the Chair of the PTA to discuss our ideas for the Summer Fayre. She was amazed at how many ideas we had and is going to feed back to the rest of the committee.

We also held a bake sale which raised £249.86. Thank you to everyone who provided delicious treats for us to sell. We also had a table selling nut free, vegan and gluten free treats.  The money raised has been used to buy Lego for the children to use at break times.

April 2018

School Council met with Mr Easton to feed back about our work this year. He was really impressed with the projects that we are working on and was happy to allow us to have a bake sale to raise funds to buy some Lego.

The children in our school have suggested that we have a reading bench where children can go to read quietly. We are going to write to Rotary who have installed one in another school, to ask if they can install one in our school. We will keep you updated.

March 2018

School Council have worked hard to improve  communication with the children in school. After every meeting we meet with our class to feedback information from the meeting. We are getting some great suggestions from the children and have adopted a you said , we said response approach.

February 2018

Mrs Carter came to our meeting to discuss school lunches. We went back to our classes and asked for suggestions on her behalf. Our children were very creative and came up with lots of ideas. School Council sent these to Mrs Carter and she responded. We have fed the responses back to our classes. One idea in particular, which was toasted sandwiches, has been passed onto North Tyneside—they really liked it and are thinking about adding it to the menu.

We said goodbye to our first set of School Councillors. Each class voted in their new Councillors and we had our first meeting.  We began by choosing four things that we would work on until the end of the year. The first is going to be collecting or purchasing more Lego for use at playtime. Watch out for a letter coming home in the next few weeks.

January 2018

Mrs Souter separated us into groups to represent each year group in the school. We met with some of the candidates who had applied for a teaching role at our school. During the meeting we worked on some Lego challenges and asked them some questions about themselves. At the end of each session Mrs Bates, one of our School Governors, asked us to give some feedback about the candidates. We enjoyed being involved and liked the opportunity to represent our fellow pupils.

December 2017

School Council were involved in organising another successful Christmas Jumper Day which coincided with our school Christmas lunch. Children came into school wearing their jumpers and collected donations for Save the Children. The day was a great success and we raised over £300 for this worthwhile charity. Thank you for your support everyone.

School Council counted lots of family credits during the month of December. Well done to the winning family group who were lucky enough to visit the Playhouse to see Cinderella.

We were asked by Mr Easton, to write some questions which we would ask a candidate who was applying for a job at our school. Mrs Souter was amazed at the quality of questions that we came up with. We are going to ask them to some candidates in January and are very excited to be involved in such an important role.

Breaking News

On Friday 3rd November School Council will be visiting the Dome. We have been invited on a tour and to take part in a workshop. Please look out for a letter in your child’s book bag.

10th October 2017

School Council were asked by Mr Easton to imagine a new member of staff was about to be employed in our school. We agreed on a list of characteristics we would like them to have and suggested a few additions.

Year 3 and 4 Councillors visited Quadrant to take part in a democracy week event. We had a great morning and enjoyed talking to Beth Hargreaves an ex pupil from Marine Park who is now a member of the Children’s Council. She was a School Councillor when she was in Year 4 at our school and hopes to be chosen to represent North Tyneside on the Youth Council. What an amazing achievement Beth!

27th September 2017

What a busy meeting!

School Council had lots to discuss. This included up and coming events such as the Year 3 and 4 visit to the Council Chambers to take part in a democracy week event. Please note the children involved in this will have be given a letter.

13th September 2017

Welcome Back!

This week classes all chose their new School Councillors who will represent their class from now until February half term.  School was full of excitement when the votes were counted and Mrs Souter held her first meeting.

Apologies if your child hasn’t yet been given a yellow bib. We have ordered some new ones and they should arrive soon.


20th July 2017

School Council hope that you all have a wonderful summer. Mrs Souter looks forward to welcoming the new Councillors in September.


Breaking news

Attention all parents of Year 2  School Councillors.

We have been invited to visit the Dome on Monday 17th July 2017. Watch out for a letter coming out soon with further information on the visit.


28th June 2017

Mrs Carter came along to our meeting this morning. She showed us a sample ‘Grab bag’ which she has introduced at lunchtime. Each ‘Grab bag’ contains a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit, a cake and a bottle of water. School Council have been asked to promote the ‘Grab bag.’ Please look out for it as a choice on  your child’s lunch menu. Your child can then head for the pudding counter, make their sandwich choice and grab and go!

13th June 2017

School Council have been busy counting family credits. Who will win the end of year family group prize? Many thanks to School Council for continuing to do an amazing job counting all of those credits!

23rd May 2017

We met today to discuss  our ideas of things that we might like to see as new additions to this year’s Summer Fayre. We plan to meet with Aoife from the PTA in a few weeks to share these ideas. Thank you to the PTA for asking us for our input.

17th May 2017

The School Council from Monkhouse Primary School visited our school to work on a scooter safety project. We started with a working lunch during which we got to know each other. We then used the I pads to research road safety facts; we created posters and a presentation which we plan to deliver during an assembly at both schools. It was really exciting joining together with another School Council and we are very much looking forward to visit Monkhouse in a few weeks.

3rd May 2017

We met today to devise a simple survey which we plan to ask our peers. It is all about children who travel to school on a bike or scooter and whether they wear a helmet. We look forward  to sharing our findings. Do you ride on a bike or scooter? Do you always wear a helmet?

5th April 2017

We met with Mrs Carter our School cook and discussed school lunches. She fed back that she enjoys our meetings and likes to hear the many ideas that the children have on ways to improve our already delicious and nutritious lunches.

Breaking news

We have been contacted by Monkhouse Primary who would like us to become involved in a scooter and road safety project. Watch this space for more information.

8th March 2017

The Year 2 Councillors visited The Dome today. Andrew Coleman the site manager gave us a guided tour and gave us so much information about the history of the Dome. It was such an exciting visit and we all enjoyed looking at the plans. We can’t wait for our next visit. Thank you to Robertsons who invited us; we are looking forward to seeing the Dome when it is complete in Spring 2018.

February 2017

Classes have voted for their new Councillors. I am looking forward to meeting them all and would like to thank our previous Councillors for all of their hard work.

27th January 2017

Representatives from our Year 3 and 4 classes went to the Council Chambers to take part in the North Tyneside Holocaust Memorial Day. The children performed a poem and included actions they had learnt as part of our whole school focus on ‘Talk for Writing.’ They were the youngest children at the event; their behaviour was impeccable. Well Done to all who attended!

Mr Easton, Mrs Parry and I left the service feeling so proud of our children!

Christmas 2016

School Council were very busy over the festive period selling beanies for St Oswald’s, we raised just over £550. A big thank you from St Oswald’s and from us.

Staff and children came into school on Christmas lunch day wearing Christmas jumpers. We donated £1 for the privilege with all donations going to Save the Children. Another big thank you for raising funds for such a worthwhile cause, we raised  just over £420.

Breaking News

Watch out for news of our annual fundraising event. This year we will be raising funds for St Oswald’s Hospice by selling Christmas beanies. Look out for a letter coming home soon.

7th December 2016 Christmas lunch day

School Council will be asking staff and pupils to wear their Christmas jumper to school.

19th October 2016

We met today to continue working on our School Council Health policy. Mrs Carter our school cook will be meeting with us in a few weeks time to discuss school lunches and to listen to our feedback.

5th October 2016

This year School Council have decided to write some policy documents of our own which we plan to share with Mr Easton. We have chosen to begin with a School Council Health policy and began to collate ideas.

21st September 2016

School Council held their first meeting of the year. Mrs Souter welcomed the newly elected members and we each shared some information about ourselves with the group.

September 2016

Welcome back!

There was much excitement in school this week as the children prepared to vote for their new School Councillors. Good Luck to all of those who are hoping to be elected.

Summer 2016

School Council were invited by Robertsons, the builders who are working on The Dome, to be involved in an event for the local press. We had our photograph taken with the Mayor of North Tyneside alongside the art work that our school produced to brighten up the hoardings.

Breaking News

The deadline for collecting Sainsbury's Active Fit Voucher is fast approaching. We have begun the enormous task of counting them. Watch this space and we will announce the total soon.

Some of the voucher will be used by School Council to replenish our stock of playground toys—they should arrive in the Autumn.

27th April 2016

We met today to continue sorting and counting the Active Fit vouchers. Some of the children have volunteered to spend some of their lunchtime counting vouchers and placing them in bundles. Thank you School Council your efforts are much appreciated!

13th April 2016

Mrs Milburn our school PE Coordinator asked School Council to carry out a survey to discover which new sports the children would like to see at lunchtime. Each School Councillor took their survey back to class and when all surveys are complete we are going to analyse the results and feedback to Mrs Milburn.

2nd March 2016

Mrs Carter, our school cook, came to talk to us about the new lunches that she and her staff have been providing. We were then given the opportunity to provide some feedback and influence some of the decision that she makes. In a few weeks she is going to provide some feedback about the small changes that have been made. Democracy in action! Thank you Mrs Carter for taking on some of our ideas.

10th February 2016

Florence’s Mum came into school and talked to us about a charity which she runs abroad called ‘Brighter Futures Zambia.’ Her charity helps support and educate orphaned, vulnerable children in Zambia. She showed us some video clips about life in Zambia and at the end of her presentation she played some wonderful music which we danced along to. We realised how lucky we all are to be able to come to school—in Zambia if you can’t afford a uniform or the resources that you need you can’t go to school.

27th January 2016

School Council were invited to attend the North Tyneside Holocaust Memorial Service at Quadrant. We were asked to prepare a short presentation and six children stood up to deliver it. The children did an amazing job and were given not one but two rounds of applause at the end. They were amongst the youngest children at the event and the work that they produced for display was of a very high standard.

Mr Easton, Mrs Parry and I left the service feeling so proud of our children!

12th January 2016

James from Access Coaching visited school to talk to School Council about the range of sports that they are able to offer. Over the coming weeks we plan to carry out a short survey to find out which sports children in school would be interested in doing. School Council agreed to try some of the games that are on offer at lunchtime—alongside the very popular football organised by Gary.

6th January 2016

Year 3 and 4 School Councillors and Lifelong members are meeting regularly to prepare work for the North Tyneside Holocaust Memorial event on Wednesday 27th January. We feel very privileged to be invited and are working hard to complete work to be displayed and on a short presentation to be delivered on the day.

Our work on Holocaust is linked to Anne Frank’s diary and we are using quotes to inspire us into thinking of ways in which we could improve the world in which we live. We are also celebrating how we are different from others but yet ‘Hand in hand we work together.’

15th December 2016

Marta Josephs from the Holocaust Memorial Committee came into school this morning to hear our plans for tackling this year’s theme which is Don’t Stand By. She spoke to the children about her father who was a holocaust survivor and was very impressed with the ideas that the children had and the responses that they made. She e mailed school a few days later to say how well behaved, polite and articulate the children were. Well Done School Council you showed your wonderful Marine Park Manners.

8th December 2016

For the second year running School Council organised a Christmas jumper day. This coincided with our Christmas lunch and allowed us to raise £447.10 which we have donated to the British Red Cross European Refugee Crisis.

Well Done everyone and thank you for your kind donations.

18th November 2015

Natalie from St Oswald’s came into school to talk to School Council. She gave us some ideas of ways in which we can help! Each member of School Council went home with a charity bag in the hope that they will share the messages that they heard with family members. We hope to become involved in the near future with their work and have plans to encourage pupils to participate in the 2016 Junior Great North Run.

4th November 2015

Justine and her colleagues from Barnardo's came back into school to tell us how the money that we raised during last year’s bike ride was being used to support vulnerable young people in our community. Thank you to them both! We enjoyed the talk and plan to donate some items of toiletries as a thank you from School Council.

14th October 2015

We met today to discuss plans for the year. We have now decided to choose a Secretary for each meeting who will  take notes. The children were really excited and so far we have had Charlie Pellow, Daisy Kelly and Mariella Brechin doing an excellent job! Who will be next?

16th September 2015

The first meeting of the year. I enjoyed meeting the new School Council and am really looking forward to working with them all!

7th September 2015

Welcome back!

Election week—every class is busy choosing their new School Councillors.

9th June 2015

Today we met to discuss the sandwich survey that Mrs Carter has asked us to design. We have decided on four fillings and are going to survey the school before feeding back our findings to Mrs Carter.

27th April 2015

School Council met with Mrs Carter to discuss our school lunches. At the end of a very productive meeting we agreed to find out how popular some new sandwich fillings would be if she were to introduce them onto the lunch menu. Mrs Carter also agreed to provide vinegar and ketchup sachets to be used on our Fish and Chips every Friday.

25th March 2015

Beth and Charlie continue to attend meetings with the Children’s Council. They are feeding back information from meetings to Mrs Souter and she recently heard from the adults who run the Council that they are a ‘credit to our school.’ Well Done Beth and Charlie!

13th March 2015

Red Nose Day 2015 was a huge success. We raised an amazing £649.48! Thank you to everyone who donated and bought cakes from the class cake stall.

A special well done goes to our   Year group Comic Relief star bakers!!

11th March 2015

School Council met Justine and Caroline from Barnados. They came into school to talk to us about the work that they do in their Whitley Bay base and asked for our help with a future fundraising event. School Council will be sending out a letter nearer to the time—watch out for it in your child’s book bag.

2nd March 2015

Amy Slater from St Oswald’s Hospice visited school to thank the children for buying Arctic Friends, which we sold at Christmas, and to collect a cheque for £882.06. We also forwarded the collection buckets which we filled at our Carol Singing event. Amy was overwhelmed by the amount that we have raised and told the children about some of the projects that the money will support.

23rd February 2015

Classes voted for their new Councillors this week. We met to welcome each others onto the Marine Park First School Council and to discuss some of the exciting things that we will all be involved with.

18th February 2015

Mrs Souter presented us with some information on the charity and Comic Relief and we discuss some of the ways in which money donated is being used to support projects in the UK and in Africa.

4th February 2015

We met today to discuss the final plans for Red Nose day. Everyone is really looking forward to a fun day and at the same time supporting such a worthwhile cause.

21st January 2015

On the agenda for today’s meeting was a discussion about Red Nose Day which is on Friday 13th March. As a School Council we voted to support the work of Comic Relief and were very skilled in coming up with some initial ideas. We will update you when we have finalised our plans for the day.

5th January 2015

Happy New Year

From Marine Park School Council

19th December 2014

We sold over 400 Arctic Friends and were delighted to present a cheque to St Oswald’s for £882.06—thank you once again for your support!

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015

From Marine Park School Council

10th December 2014

St Oswald’s Hospice Arctic Friends

Next week School Council will be selling Arctic Friends on behalf of St Oswald’s Hospice. They will cost £2 and there are four different cuddly toys designs to buy which are intended to be hung on your Christmas tree.

9th December 2014

Christmas Jumper Day

School Council decided to take part in the 3rd Christmas Jumper Day to support the work of Save the Children. We all had fun wearing our bought and homemade Christmas jumpers and managed to raise over £350—thank you for your donations!

We have used £125 of the amount raised to buy an Aqua box which takes water filters and emergency supplies around the world. You can read more about their work at www.aquabox.org

24th November 2014

School Council were invited to visit the Dome to hear about the exciting plans underway to develop it and return it to its former glory! We were taken around the building and took photos of the empty shell. Staff involved in the project have invited us back next year to see how things are progressing.

Exciting news! Beth Hargreaves and Charlie Pellow were elected by our School Council to represent our school on the North Tyneside Children’s Council. They have been invited to the next meeting and to a training session in December. We wish them luck and look forward to hearing about the projects that they are to become involved in.

17th and 18th November 2014

Julia Bradwell who is part of the participation team for North Tyneside Council came into school today to provide us with ‘Skilled Up Training.’ During the one and half day training session we learned how to work as a team, how to listen to each other and how to become more skilled in undertaking the important role of being a School Councillor.

11th November 2014

Our Year 3 and Year 4 School Councillors along with the Lifelong Members, Mrs Souter, Mr Easton and Mrs Parry all attend the Whitley Bay High School Remembrance Service. During the service Samuele and Ruby were invited to lay a wreath on behalf of all First and Primary Schools in North Tyneside. All of the staff who attended were very proud of the children from our school who represented us all so well with their mature and respectful behaviour.  You can watch the Tyne Tees News coverage of the event here.

14th October 2014

School Council have met a few times over the last week or so to take part in a ‘Virtual School Council’ meeting. We were given an agenda by the North Tyneside Children’s Council and asked to submit our responses. These will be collated with the responses from other schools and used to support decision making in North Tyneside.

24th September 2014

The Sainsbury’s order has finally arrived! The children are enjoying using the new playground toys. Thank you to the members of last year’s School Council who selected the toys—they are proving to be very popular.

10th September 2014

Today we got together for our first meeting of the year. Everyone introduced each other and Mrs Souter welcomed us all to the School Council. We are all really excited about working together!

2nd September 2014

Welcome back!

There was much excitement in school this week as the children prepared to vote for their new School Councillors. Good Luck to all of those who are hoping to be elected.

11th July 2014

Thank you to everyone who donated money during our non– uniform, football themed fun day. We raised over £360 which is going to be donated to the Oxfam Syria Appeal and had lots of fun using the giant inflatable goal.

Well done to all of our Year group winners!!

Early Years: Max Elliot (RE)

Year 1: Euan Kirkpatrick (1N)

Year 2: Jake Johnson (2E)

Year 3: Luke McDonald (3N)

Year 4: Owen Eastlake (4N)

We hope that you enjoy the long summer break!

Message from Mrs Souter:

Voting for our new School Councillors will take place in September during the first week of term.

17th June 2014

Lots of children from across the school came to our sticker and card swap shop. Everyone had so much fun swapping their duplicate cards and stickers!

It was lovely to see children of all ages talking, sharing and having fun together!

4th June 2014

Date for your diary: Tuesday 17th June 2014

School Council have organised a football card / sticker swap shop. On this day only children may bring into school an unlimited amount of cards or stickers and hopefully have lots of fun swapping them with their friends.

21st May 2014

Well done to all of the children and parents who have collected Sainsbury’s Active vouchers. So far we have over 11,000 and we have been given the opportunity this year to chose what to spend them on. We plan to order lots of new and exciting sports equipment to resource the games that we have designed and hope to launch at the end of June.

7th May 2014

Mrs Robson, North Tyneside’s Health and Wellbeing Adviser, visited school today to meet with Mrs Souter and to discuss how we could further improve our healthy tuck shop. We will update you when we have made a decision about some new items, which will go on sale next year.

Thank you for continuing to support our healthy tuck shop!

23rd April 2014

During this last term we plan to be out on the yard showing the children how to play some games that we have designed. They will all involve the children being able to practice skills that they will have used in their games lessons. We are really excited and hope that everyone will enjoy playing the games. Over the next few weeks we are going to design the games in groups and then we will begin to show our friends at break times.

1st April 2014

Today we had a planning meeting to discuss events that we are going to be involved in during the Summer term. We have some ideas to raise funds for charity and we will keep you updated once we have decided which charity we will be supporting and what the fun event will be!

Happy Easter!

From Marine Park School Council

25th March 2014

Mrs Souter met the new School Councillors and we all had our photographs taken. They are displayed on our School Council board located near to the Reception classes. We are all really excited about representing our classes for the remainder of the school year.

5th March 2014

Before half term we said goodbye to some School Councillors who had represented their classes for the first half of the year. A huge thank you to them all, they have done such a good job and represented their classes well.

We welcomed our new School Councillors who will represent their classes for the remainder of the year.

24th February 2014

Well done to Albie from Year 4 and Joe from Year 1 who were the Key Stage winners in our Paper Banger competition.

This week classes are voting for their new School Councillors. Good Luck everyone!

10th February 2014

Lots of children from each class in school made a paper ‘Banger.’ We can’t wait to get started with the class and year group heats and will post information about the winner in our blog, after half term.

Thank you to all of those children who entered! We hope you had fun making the paper ‘Banger’ at home with your family.

3rd February 2014

Today marked the launch a whole school competition which we are running to mark the end of our time as school councillors. The children in our school have been asked to mark a paper banger which if operated correctly makes a loud noise. We plan to have heats in school which will lead up to a grand final. This will take place in Friday assembly on Friday 14th February.

Good Luck making your ’Banger’ and we look forward to going out with a bang next week!

24th January 2014

At our meeting today we discuss two fundraising ideas which had been put forward by children in our school. We plan to meet with Mr Easton after half term to discuss an event which we could organise to raise money for charity.

17th January 2014

Mr Easton invited school council to officially open our new slide. We were all very excited to take on this role and a member of school council was chosen from each year group to cut a special ribbon, made by Mrs Wilkinson. Annie from Year 4 was chosen to say a few words and then William and Charlie from Year 2 became the first children ever to slide down. The slide is now officially open and we are sure that the children of Marine Park will enjoy using it.

10th January 2014

Today was our first meeting of 2014. We met to discuss some fundraising ideas which came from two of our pupils. We were very impressed with the letters that they had written and with the information that they gave us and have decided to raise some money for their worthwhile causes. Watch this space and we will let you know once a decision has been reached as to what we will do to fund raise.

Happy New Year

From Marine Park School Council

18th December 2013

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2014

From Marine Park School Council

3rd December 2013

School Council have been busy counting family credits.

Which family group will win the prize at the end of the year? Good Luck everyone!

20th November 2013

We worked together to devise a rota for our school tuck shop. The children have been organised into two teams and will collect payment and      serve at the tuck shop once every fortnight. Mrs Duddin and Miss Ramsay in the office are going to check on a regular basis whether school councillors are fulfilling this role and will be rewarding them in family credits.

Message from School Council: We sell raisins, rice cakes and bread sticks. Tuck shop costs 20p

Tuck Shop

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Wednesday        Year 2                                                        Thursday            Year 1

19th November 2013

School Council handed in over 200 shoe boxes to a representative from Operation Christmas Child. Thank you to all of those children and parents who put together a show box for the appeal.

6th November 2013

Our meeting today was all about collecting ideas around the possibility of renaming school council. This idea is in the very early stages of development and whilst we have some great ideas we may after a final vote decide to remain as ‘School Council’. We will keep you updated and  hope to involve the whole school in a vote for a possible name change.

2nd and 3rd November ‘Shimmer 2013’

Many of the children from school council visited this year’s digital light festival and heard the audio of their voices playing in the Dome.

We hope that you and your family had an opportunity to visit the festival. Karen from Real Tyne e mailed to say how impressed she was with the contribution that our school council made to the project. Mrs Souter is very proud of the children!

24th October 2013

Rev. Alan Dickinson visited school today to speak to the children about the work of the ‘Bay Food Bank.’ School Council helped to pack and load into cars just over 1000 packets and tins of food ,which had been donated at Harvest time by pupils, staff and parents of our school. Mrs Spraggon who organised Rev. Dickinson’s visit commented on how well school council worked together and ensured that all of our food donations were ready to be taken to the food bank. Well Done! We think that this was an overwhelming amount of donations.

16th October 2013

Karen from Real Tyne came into school to record us talking about what we love about Whitley Bay. The children were a credit to our school and to their local community. They talked at length about what they loved and are really looking forward to hearing their audio as part of Shimmer 2013.

Message from School Council:

Remember to look out for information in the local press about the Shimmer digital light festival and to visit our page regularly to read updated information about this exciting project.

9th October 2013

School Council met today to hear about an exciting art installation project which we have been invited to participate in as part of Shimmer 2013, a digital light festival to held in Whitley Bay in November. Each year group produced a poster showing the things that they love about living in Whitley Bay and the children have been asked to write poem at home.  Mrs Souter and the children are really looking forward to meeting Karen who is going to be coming into school on Wednesday 16th October to collect our poems and to record our audio of what we love about Whitley Bay.

Message from Mrs Souter:

Please return your child’s permission slip by Tuesday 15th October. Good Luck with your poems and I look forward to reading them!

Thank you to our Year 2 children who have produced some amazing images of St Mary’s Lighthouse. We have chosen two from   each class and    given them to Karen to form part of the art installation.

2nd October 2013

During today’s meeting we talked about our school behaviour policy. The children were given the opportunity to discuss the use of family credits in school, which they spoke very positively about. They came up with some suggestions for  extra special family credits which Mr Easton produces from time to time and he was very happy to receive their ideas.

18th September 2013

Classes have been busy holding school council elections this week. Mrs Souter held the first council meeting today and was introduced to our new School Council. The children enjoyed playing a game, aimed at helping everyone get to know each other, and had their photograph taken for our notice board. Each class has two school councillors and they can be identified by their yellow bibs.

September 2013

Welcome to our new School Council Blog.


Cake Sale in Aid of Huntington’s Disease Association

Thank you again for all your help.

We raised £465 in total!


NT Anti-Bullying Award

Marine Park was presented with North Tyneside Youth Council’s first ever Anti-Bullying Award.

See our leaflet on our website.