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No preference†

Total number of responses: 138







Would you find it beneficial to be able to book parentsí evening appointments online?







You said (summary of many comments):

Queries were raised about how this would operate and the impact this might have e.g. equity, first come first served, rigidity when trying to coordinate multiple appointments for siblings.


There is sufficient support for this so the school will aim to introduce a system for online booking for parentsí evening in autumn 2016. We will see what is available on the market and ask other schools if they have introduced an effective system. School staff are aware that handing ownership of booking over to parents/carers might disadvantage parents that are not as proactive as others. It would be worth reviewing the arrangement after the autumn meeting to see if this was actually a problem. School staff are equally concerned about the digital divide and ensuring that all families attend important parentsí evening appointments. As currently happens, school would reach out to these families and offer appointments even if they are not booked. Parents could also telephone the school and we could book them a slot.

Would you find it beneficial to be able to make payments to school online?







You said (summary of many comments):

Several parents were concerned that they would forget to do things they needed to.

Several parents commented that they would like to pay for Out of School Club online.

Some commented that school meal payment system (JOINOS) was problematic.


There is overwhelming support for this so the school will look into this. Security issues would need to be addressed before the school could proceed so we will find out what other schools are using and work closely with the Local Authority to ensure that we meet security requirements. We would try to incorporate as many elements as possible in one system e.g. out of school club, trips etc. However, it may not be possible to include third party groups/companies such as sport out of school clubs, uniform, dinner money etc. in this system but we will investigate this.

Should we stop sending out paper newsletters and send out via email/signpost parents to the website via text?







You said (summary of many comments):

Some responses commented that they liked to look through the paper newsletter with family (including pupils) and physically retain on a notice board to refer back to or for ease of access.

Several commented that they didnít think online newsletters would be as well read as paper newsletters.

Many comments about saving paper, eco credentials, greater efficiency by moving to online systems. Two parents suggested we should return to one newsletter per family.

Several commended the school on current communication/texting service/newsletters.


Most respondents want to keep the paper newsletter at present so we plan to keep it. A PDF copy of the school newsletter is available on the website the same day that the newsletters go out which can be downloaded, printed or accessed 24/7. Newsletters go out fortnightly on a Monday (unless the school is closed to pupils on a Monday).

We will reintroduce the one newsletter per family as soon as possible. It will go out with the youngest sibling. It would be helpful if parents could remind your oldest child about this arrangement and we will too.

Other written comments/Summary of concerns

Several written responses raised concerns about equity of access to internet, online payment systems and whether this might disadvantage some parents/carers/pupils.

Comments about the integration of online systems in order to reduce complication.


School staff are also concerned about the digital divide and ensuring that families are not disadvantaged. As currently happens, school would reach out to these families to compensate for disadvantage.

We would need to review the impact of any system changes. We will ask you again for your opinions after we trial change.