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EYFS Parent/Carer Questionnaire

Summary Autumn 2016

Why did you choose our school?

Siblings, proximity, ethos

We heard good things about this school with its Ofsted report.  We really wanted our daughter to come to this school

Neighbours recommended the school as it has excellent educational provision for children of all abilities

Ofsted, older children in Year 1; had a very positive experience with her

Reputation and catchment

Area and older sister in Reception

We chose Marine Park because of the caring and nurturing that the staff show towards our children

Older sibling, friendly staff, friendly atmosphere

Sister attended the school

Reputation, convenience, success of older child at school

I think Marine Park is a lovely school with lots of great staff! Also the outdoor area is fantastic with this school

Good reputation

Local and good reputation

Good reports from previous parents and close to where we live

Based on school report

Catchment area, good reputation, older sibling already attends

It has excellent facilities and we knew it received great Ofsted reports.  It is also very close to our house

Catchment, sibling already there, excellent reputation

Brilliant school, fab teachers, lovely atmosphere, great reviews

Friends of neighbour’s children at school – very good feedback, proximity to home, Ofsted report

Catchment area, reputation

We were very pleased to learn that we were in catchment for MPFS and it was our first choice due to it’s good reputation and location

It has an outstanding Ofsted report and have had lots of recommendations

Proximity, facilities, older siblings

Proximity to home, amazing Nursery experience at marine Park, reputation of school

Good reputation

Closest to home and good reputation from friends with children at school

My child loves to attend this school.  She also says that the teachers are lovely, and their learning progress is great

Because my nieces and nephews have been to this school and their parents said it’s a good school

Good reputation and fantastic buildings and facilities


We are in the catchment area and friends with older children recommended it

Sibling link.  We moved and decided to keep our children at Marine as my older child loved it and made good progress and was happy

Good reputation, within catchment, excellent facilities

Proximity and reputation

Outstanding in Ofsted!

It’s the best

It’s brilliant reputation.  We moved house to be within the catchment area!

Catchment area, word of mouth, Ofsted report

Our nearest school and it’s reputation

Sibling and reputation

I chose MPFS because of it’s good reputation, the Ofsted report and because we live in the catchment area

Good experience with older brother who attended Marine Park previously

Excellent reputation, great facilities and nearest to home

Previous good experience with older sibling attending MPFS

We live very close but I have always heard lovely feedback from parents about the school and its brilliant community

Our eldest child has already been through Marine Park and we are very impressed with the support, opportunities and facilities the school has to offer

Both my sons have been/are at Marine Park and we love the school and teachers

Reputation and location to home

Excellent reputation.  Linked to Nursery for continuity

I have never heard a single bad thing with this school! Close enough to walk to

Sister at the school

Ofsted ratings and review, proximity to home address, recommendations from friends

Location and reputation

Older brother is at the school and we know how good it is

Catchment, sibling link combined with good reputation and experience with older sibling

Close to home with a good reputation

Brother is at Marine Park and we’ve always been really impressed with the school, so wanted Charlie to go there too

Location and good reputation

Local and recommended

Seemed like a good fit from my visit before applying

It has an excellent reputation, an outstanding Ofsted report, proximity to home

Sibling attends, closest school, outstanding school

It is our catchment

Location and Ofsted ratings; also some of her friends from her previous Nursery were also going to the school

Ofsted outstanding report as well as good reports from word of mouth

Catchment and great reputation, Ofsted results

It’s our local school, good reputation, older brother is a former pupil

Location to home

Sibling in Year 4 very happy at MPFS

Proximity and reputation

Proximity to school and reputation

Local school with good reputation.  Ofsted reports emphasised the good balance between encouraging the individual and fostering community

Local school, brother already at the school

Good reputation and close to home

Reputation and closeness to home

In catchment

Ofsted/reputation/catchment area

Good reputation


What have you been particularly pleased with?


How happy she is to come to school and how settled she is.  She loves learning and I can see how much effort the teacher puts into helping her learn

The approachability of staff and the excellent communication of school events and ‘what’s happening’ in the school life!

Teachers very warm and know the individual children well.  Any concerns have been taken on board

Friendliness and helpfulness of staff

How quickly my daughter settled in, and friendly and approachable teachers

The use of home/school Learning Journey

Staff very friendly

All the facilities, great teachers

How happy she is

I think all the teachers have been great and they are always there to listen and to help

Everything! Love all the Assemblies!

Communication with parents

Personal care that my son needs at the moment

She is always happy, never complains

Varied activities and opportunities; ‘family feel’ and friendliness of older students; warm and welcoming staff – relationships they build with students

The school ethos about responsibility and kindness; it is inclusive of all families/children; it is engaged with the community, the classroom set up and the curriculum

His confidence since he started school

Everything. Especially how teachers keep me well up to date.  There is good communication between parents and teachers

Communication ie. In Learning Journey, EYFS information evening; staff, including head teacher, very visible at pick up/drop off

The way she has settled quickly into a new setting

The teachers and staff are fantastic and make the school

She has learnt a lot and loves her school

The friendliness and support of staff.  They are wonderful. And the variety of activities

All aspects


Friendly staff, good communication and feedback from teachers

The way teachers help the kids and their teaching skills

That my child has settled in school and enjoys it too

Learning Journeys and personal care


How quickly she was helped to settle in happily.  The buddy system.  The Assemblies/shows that parents can take part in

My child has a lot more confidence in himself now.  The teachers have helped him feel comfortable and confident

My daughter’s fast progress with reading and writing.  The sense of school community

Wonderful staff who get to know my children individually and nurture them to suit their learning styles and personalities


The support

The lovely staff.  They are brilliant with my daughter and she loves them all.  I really admire them for the interaction that I witness.  They get right down to the children’s level and it’s a relationship of mutual respect.  She responds brilliantly to them.

Friendliness of staff, range of activities, how organised and smooth the settling in process has been

Positive staff, leadership of the school, extra-curricular opportunities, the Nursery team

Quality of teacher

I think both my children have received an excellent introduction to school because of the great Nursery and Reception teams.  I think the Learning Journey books are a great tool to enable parents to find out what their children have been doing at school.  They’re also a good way to communicate with teachers.  They can also enable families to continue to reinforce what learning has taken place at school, at home!  My son has settled very well and I think this has a lot to do with the fact that he went to the MPFS Nursery and there is a good level of contact with Reception while the children are still in Nursery so it’s not completely alien to them when they start.  Thank you to all the brilliant staff in EYFS – you’re great!

My daughter’s learning progress

How well he has settled in to both school and club

The warm, caring and supportive environment, and the range of learning opportunities

Friendly and welcoming school, happy children!  Love how much everyone makes a big school feel welcoming and not intimidating

Support and opportunities for the children

Teaching staff in Nursery are fantastic.  Mrs Evans is so warm and positive in her approach.  Many thanks

The staff and how they have got to know my daughter


I couldn’t be happier with the great teaching she is receiving from her two teachers.  They seem to be really challenging her

I feel that the teachers really take the time to know my child

Child/teacher support and relationship, friendly staff, great atmosphere within the school, range of activities available to children to enhance learning and development, focus on happy children


Interaction with staff

The positive atmosphere at the school

Couldn’t single anything out

How easily he has settled in and the variety of stories he comes home with!

He has settled in really well.  Mrs Foreman is a lovely teacher, genuinely interested in the children and we’ve seen a real progression and development in him since he started school

Good communication and updates via text

The staff are very friendly and my little girl loves going.  If she’s happy coming in every morning, I am

How well she has settled in, in spite of not attending the school Nursery

How well he has settled; how much he likes his teachers; how well he has made friends

How our child has been supported to settle in Nursery

Friendly community

Assembly, school photo, different learning stations in class allowing the choice for children to play

The organisation and wide range of extra-curricular activities the children do

The staff, facilities, information for parents, ethos and atmosphere at school

The enthusiasm and dedication of the staff

Teachers are lovely

Amount of feedback coming home and photos etc.

Transition to Reception from Nursery. The amount of work they cover

That teachers take time to understand individual children

Nursery and Reception teaching seems to be excellent

Nursery staff being available during first week of school for Reception children – friendly, familiar faces around as they arrive, very thoughtful

Nursery, Learning Journey, range of activities and learning

The teachers are very welcoming

Progress with numbers and letters

The information and organisation

How settled my son is and happy to go to Nursery

Learning, enjoyment, activities

How quickly my daughter settled in and made friends

What could we do better?

Less homework!

We try to support and develop classroom learning through activities and ‘Talking at home’ prompts in the Learning Journeys which often then act as a stimulus for class discussions

Reduce the amount of companies trying to sell products and accessories eg tea towels.  There is a lot of spam advertising and trying to sell unnecessary things eg the ‘red’ school bag

Lots of products, such as tea towels and Christmas Cards, are produced and sold to fundraise for our active Parents Association.  These funds are then allocated and used to support teaching, learning and facilities in school

I would love there to be more PE sessions.  Also, I know Reception doesn’t do tuck shop but for tuck shop to reinstate rice cakes or other healthy snacks than just fruit

Reception have a dedicated session each week for dance/games.  Throughout the year there are opportunities to develop a range of sporting skills, such as cycling, extra-curricular sports and Sports Day activities. Children are encouraged to access the outdoor area during the school day.

We aren’t aware of the school bullying policy; we aren’t sure about the focus on joined up writing at such an early age

Relevant school policies are available to view on the school website in the ‘Parent zone’ under ‘Policies’. Nursery children are focusing on patterns to develop pre-writing skills. Reception children are practising forming cursive letters, but are not yet joining their letters.  This will give them the skills they need to develop joined up writing in Key Stage 1.  The children are aware that cursive letters will help them do joined up writing in time, so are often very enthusiastic to ‘have a go’ when writing independently!

The school dinner ordering system is really annoying.  It doesn’t seem to register changes because they still get dinners they don’t like even though I’ve changes them online

Changes to menus can take up to three weeks to be processed by North Tyneside Council.  We do our best to support you with any necessary changes, within reason, and monitor lunch times to ensure children are eating their lunches.  We do inform parents if we have any concerns. 

I think it is important that my child learns the traditional alphabet (as well as cursive).  All of the reading books throughout school that I have experienced so far are not cursive and I worry that my child is being disadvantaged as they will not have learnt what normal letters look like.  I think cursive can be important, however not until they have a grasp of the traditional alphabet in both reading and writing

We encourage children to look at a range of fonts so they have an understanding of print in the environment.  In Reception, we carried out a random sample of letter sound assessments with a group of children to ensure that children were recognising the same letters in the former ‘Nelson’ style and the current ‘Cursive’ script. This showed that understanding was largely consistent, with children able to recognise both styles.

Give extra support to those who need

As well as 1:1/small group support from Teaching Assistants in every class, there are a number of interventions in place for children in Early Years, including EAL support, learning support and small speech and language groups

Information session for first time parents of Reception students, as this was on a date we were away.  It would be beneficial to have an alternative date if possible as we had a lot of questions

The PowerPoint presentation of the Reception Curriculum Information Meeting is available to view on our school website in the ‘Parent zone’ under ‘Curriculum Information Sheets’. 

I am interested to know about the 100% attendance TARGET.  My daughter has to attend hospital and will not now achieve this.  Is this accounted for as she cannot help having to attend these appointments/procedures?

Children with 100% attendance over the academic year do receive acknowledgment of their achievement and a special family credit. If a child does need to attend medical appointments, and misses a whole session (a morning or afternoon) this is registered as an absence, however medical absences are normally authorised.

I would like to see more music (instruments) on the main curriculum but do appreciate that this isn’t always led locally and is affected by funding

Early Years do use musical instruments across the curriculum to support teaching in a range of contexts.  They are used in the outdoor area to encourage children to experiment with sounds; they are used in phonics sessions to explore environmental sounds and they support storytelling and singing activities to develop literacy skills

The school gets 100% from me.  Very pleased with all aspects; clean/safe/friendly/approachable

Just keep doing what you’re doing.  And thank you!

Nothing whatsoever

It would be great if the children were on a stage or raised area for the Autumn Assembly/Xmas performance so you could see them all – just a very minor thing though! We have been so happy and impressed overall

Logistically it is very difficult to erect the stage for the Harvest Assembly due to other activities which take place in the school hall at that time.  However the stage is always used for our Christmas Performances

Nothing – it’s great as it is!

Offer an open session (to see what goes on in a typical session) to Nursery parents before Xmas – hard to get any information from child!

I’d love to know more about what they do all day! I’d like to know more so I can tie in more activities at home

Nursery do offer drop in sessions as the year progresses and once children are settled in.  Learning Journeys give information and weekly overviews about activities the children have been working on, which we hope gives you prompts for conversations with your child at home

Would have loved some sort of end of last term tick card, still unsure if she eats school dinners, so this would have been useful. (eg a tick/brief comment that she has been okay for that half term)

I’d like to come and see lunchtime happening.  I heard that at another school parents were invited to join their child on one occasion!

We appreciate that as a parent/carer lunchtime can be a worry.  With that in mind we do monitor the children very closely for the first few weeks.  All of the Reception staff stay with the children, helping them to get their lunches and encouraging them to eat as much as they can. We feed back any concerns to parents as we are aware it is a long day if children are eating very little. The children have settled very quickly and happily into lunchtime routines; we hope the photographs we display on our windows after their first lunch inform and reassure parents/carers

Offer children from 7.30am instead of 8am

The school is guided by the Government’s Extended School’s core offer requirement, giving parents/carers access to wraparound childcare at school from 8am – 6pm

Adjust children to the playtime/break environment

When Reception children start school, we use an allocated area of the playground so that we can monitor them closely.  Once we feel they are confident and familiar with their surroundings, they join their siblings and the rest of the children in the main playground.  We do feel the ‘buddy’ system helps the younger children during this transition

Provide feedback when she has been there all day – eating, activities and issues etc

Wraparound do make notes at lunchtime to inform parents about what, and how much, has been eaten. We will consider your comments about feedback around activities etc.

Sometimes find it difficult to talk to the teacher at the end of the day as there’s only one at the door and you feel rushed to talk to them as they are getting the children out the door at the same time

As teachers are dismissing children, teaching assistants sit with the rest of the class on the carpet to ensure they are all happy and settled during this time.  If there is anything you need to discuss you can mention it to the teacher during drop off in the morning and provision can be made for a later discussion.  If you need to share some important information, please let us know

Feedback feels very generic at the moment.  Possibly too early to say.

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EYFS Parent/carer results autumn 2016

Strongly Agree



Strongly Disagree

Don't know/No answer

Total Number













Strongly Agree/ Agree

Disagree/ Strongly Disagree


My child enjoys school















The school keeps my child safe















The school informs me about my child’s progress















The school helps me to support my child’s learning















The school meets my child’s particular needs















The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns















Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at this school














*Question 6 received a number of ‘don’t know’ responses as many parents/carers felt it was not applicable to them.


Context and outcomes:


· The deadline for returned questionnaires was Friday 18th November. 

· The response rate for the questionnaire was 66%.

· Responses are very positive with the vast majority strongly agreeing/agreeing with each of the statements.

· Parent consultations took place on the 11th and 13th of October, which was the first “formal” opportunity to inform parents of how their child was settling into Nursery and Reception.


We received lots of written comments. We have published these and responses in the “Your Say” section of our website.


Thank you for taking the time to complete the EYFS questionnaire.  Your comments are much appreciated.