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Results of Parent/Carer Questionnaire Spring 2018 - Equality


No concerns or comments

Comments expressed

Equality and Accessibility Concern



Thinking about the groups considered to have a protected characteristic as specified in the Equality Act, do you have any concerns that you feel the school should be aware of?




There seems to be a slight bias in favour of Christianity, e.g. with the selection of a Christian Church and theme for the Christmas Show. As a household with no religious faith this can be difficult to reconcile and I imagine it would be more so for families of other faiths. I feel that it is important that the school makes a clear distinction between belief and fact when the children study RE. Children mostly expect to be taught fact when they are in the classroom and from experience this can sometimes be confusing.


Please ensure that staff are aware of using gender neutral language e.g. stereotyping through description of clothes, behaviour, work produced – pretty dress, handsome outfit – heard at the summer fair fancy dress competition 2016. I am concerned about gender stereotyping and its effect on young children in all aspects of life. I’m not saying it is an issue at MPFS but there may be some occassional examples based on our experiences



The fact that children are/have been awarded for 100% attendance concerns me. As the parent of a child with a congenital birth defect, who has to attend hospital appointments which cannot be moved outside of school hours due to clinician availability, I feel that the policy of rewarding 100% attendance is an impossible target for my child. The policy has impacted on my child and demonstrates ‘less favourable treatment’ due to a long standing health problem – in my view a protected characteristic. My child was left feeling excluded and upset.

How does this concern impact upon you or  your family’s experience at Marine Park First School?








Have you any further comments about how Marine Park First School implements the requirements of the Equality Act?









Have you any further comments about how Marine Park First School implements the requirements of the Equality Act?





Overall the school appears to be inclusive and demonstrates this through a diverse curriculum. The 100% attendance issue has concerend me for some time and needs to be considred more carefully. (see above)


I think it is very unfair to reward children with 100% attendance. At this age children cannot help missing school and its not their choice. Why should children who have to go to hospital appointments be made to feel they have done something wrong?


Just keep reminding parents not to park in disabled bays without displaying a blue badge


It would be helpful to encourage/pick out those with walking difficulties or are pregnant when queing for assemblies/shows to come to the front of the queue – I don’t like to feel like a queue jumper!



Supportive comments


Our school does its very best to fully support all groups


As far as I am aware there are no issues at MPFS and the school treats everyone very fairly in all respects


No concerns – all elements of Equality are handled well


My child is from a mixed race background and I have had no problems with mixed religious beliefs


We have had no issues with the school’s approach to Equality, Diversity or Accessibility


Equality duties are clearly adhered to


Our experience of the school is that it deals with Equality, Diversity and Accessibility in a fair way without prejudice


My child hasn’t faced any problems in school


I have no doubt that the school approaches this in a conscientious and appropriate way. This is a school where everyone has access to success