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                  EYFS Parent/Carer Questionnaire

                 Summary Autumn 2018

Thank you for your lovely positive comments. These are available to view on our school website. We also value your suggestions on what we could do better and would like to take the opportunity to respond to some of your feedback:

Criteria for Nursery start dates:

Taking the older children into Nursery first ensures that most of the children are settled and busy by the time the younger children start. This helps them to see what lovely activities are on offer and watch other children in the environment to help them understand how they can work in the different areas. This can be an effective distraction for children who take a little reassurance to separate from their grown-up. This system proves very successful for us. This year we reviewed our entry arrangements to reduce the period of staggered intake and enable children and parents/carers to visit our Nursery in the summer term. This supported transition and provided an earlier opportunity to share important information about your child. We have had a very positive response to these new arrangements from parents/carers.

After school club:

As part of the Government’s Extended School’s core offer requirement, parents/carers are able to access wraparound childcare at our school from 8am – 6pm. Any issues arising with children during the school day are shared with ASC staff to pass on to parents at the end of the day. Club fees are detailed in information shared with parents at welcome meetings.


If any child is experiencing difficulties at lunchtimes, parents/carers are informed. Early Years staff value the importance of the lunchtime session and work incredibly hard to make sure lunchtimes are a happy experience for all of the children. Certificates were issued to Reception children once they were attending full time to acknowledge and praise how well they were all doing with their school lunches. We hope the photographs we display on windows after their first lunch help to inform and reassure parents/carers.

School performances:

We appreciate that due to the number of children in Nursery and Reception, it can be difficult for them to be seen during performances. Unfortunately, because our main hall is multi-purpose, there are logistical issues with the provision of staging. Sporting clubs etc. need the whole space to be utilised, otherwise there can be health and safety issues. For Harvest Assemblies, children take turns to stand as a whole class to sing a song. We do, however, always use the stage for our Christmas performances, where children take turns in groups to perform.  Each class also performs their own Class Assembly in the spring or summer term too, which are special smaller events for families.

Feedback from staff:

Early Years staff are available at the beginning and end of every day to meet with you. However, these are busy times and the safety and wellbeing of all of the children are of paramount importance to us. If there is anything you need to discuss in more detail, please let us know and provision can be made for a later discussion. If you need to share some important information, please let us know. Feedback on specific small group work and interventions will be shared with parents over time. Please ask if there is anything you would like to know in the meantime. We will be more than happy to have a chat with you.


A day in Early Years at Marine Park is full of ‘awe and wonder’ and ‘fascination traps’ to engage children in their learning. The continuous provision is resourced and enhanced to enable child-initiated pictures, paintings and models to be created every day. ‘Philosophy for Children’ enables children to have their own ideas and give reasons for their choices. This approach, where every contribution and idea is valued, encourages deep, creative thinking.


Early Years is a print rich environment where children are encouraged to read daily in lots of different contexts. Our reading scheme is just a part of your child’s reading. They are encouraged to choose red square books and share them at home. During the school day the children have daily phonics sessions to learn and practise new sounds to support their reading and writing. They also practise reading key words on sight, reading captions and sentences, recognising full names, reading instructions, labels and signs. Thank you for your continued support with this at home. The children enjoy talking about the books they share with you, and about their visits to the library!

Buddy system:

All Reception children have now been ’buddied’ with a Year 4 child. We do this every year as part of our ’Family Groups’ system and it is already working very well. Our Year 4 children relish this important pastoral role.

Attendance rewards and uniform:                                                                                                                                                                                                           A small number of children with 100% attendance over the academic year do receive acknowledgment of their achievement and a special family credit. If a child does need to attend medical appointments this is registered as an absence, however this is authorised. We find that most parents appreciate the functionality and simplicity of a school uniform. From our perspective, it also allows us to identify children easily both in school and on trips etc.

The outdoor area:

Maintaining and resourcing the outdoor area is a constant challenge for us. As a site it is very exposed to the elements and we need to constantly review and adapt resources to enable the 157 children in Nursery and Reception to access it on a daily basis. We are in the process of reviewing the space and are in discussions with MITIE, who manage our school building and site, to explore ways in which we can improve the provision. We would be delighted to engage with any parents/carers who may have the skills and expertise to help us with this project.

Please speak to Early Years staff if we can be of any further assistance.

Why did you choose our school?

· Local, sibling link, good reputation

· Brother in school and is a really good school.  Staff all very pleasant and helpful.

· Reputation, previous Ofsted, sibling at same school, proximity

· Local, excellent, brother goes

· It is closest but also has a great reputation, good Ofsted and did / does a superb job with our other children.

· Because of the relationships my daughter already has with the children in her class and the recommendations from parents whose children already attend.

· Our oldest child attends

· Sister also attends and we believe this is an excellent school for our children

· Sibling link. Catchment. School ethos aligns with my own – every child is valued.

· It is the closest one so we know lots of other children who go / have been and parents who have had a positive experience of the school.

· Recommendations from other parents.  Close to home

· Sibling link and location

· Recommended

· Close to home and my work, I also heard good things about this school

· Excellent schooling rating through Ofsted.  Sibling goes to same school.

· Closest to our home

· Reputation and proximity to home

· Catchment and sibling has gone through the school

· Based on school visit, Ofsted report and experience of nursery

· Local and an excellent school

· Good reputation, location, childcare

· It is our nearest first school, however it has a great reputation so we didn’t hesitate to look anywhere else

· For its excellent reputation and we were very impressed with how organised it was when we visited

· MP was not our first choice of school as we were worried about how big it is, however we are so happy that S now comes to MP.  He loves it! And so do we.  It doesn’t feel like a big school.

· Reputation, proximity and older siblings

· We live local

· Ofsted report and previous child experience

· We chose MP for both our children because of the extremely positive experiences of family members who attend / have attended.

· Our older child was already a pupil at the school and we had been very happy with his experience.  It is also our local school and we wanted our daughter to go to school in the community if possible.

· Location and reputation

· Excellent reputation, close to home.

· Luckily this is our catchment school – but when I looked around there was also something special about the atmosphere - welcoming, happy and nurturing.

· In catchment area and older sibling already at the school – having a great time!

· My eldest daughter attended the school and had a fantastic learning experience.

· Friend’s recommendations and results. Tour of the school including Mr Easton’s approach and knowledge of the children.

· Reputation and Location

· Sibling already there and school catchment area

· Previous experience

· It is the nearest school to where we live as a family

· Location, great teacher, facilities.  Love the journey scrapbook

· Location

· Sister attending, location, reputation

· M’s brother attends.  He loves it and so do we!

· Positive experiences of friends, proximity and my impressions after our visit

· I attended MP when I was younger, I absolutely loved it and was sure W would as well, it’s a brilliant school.

· Was recommended to us and it had a lovely atmosphere when we came to visit

· Elder brother attends and close to our childcare

· Local, good reports, caring attitudes of teachers

· Proximity, reputations, word of mouth, Ofsted Report

· Vicinity to home and sibling in school

· Location and reputation

· Good reputation and location

· Although we are not in the catchment area we were very keen for C to attend your school because of the nursery staff.  They are all very ‘switched-on’ and make sure the children are happy and safe.  Also good facilities.

· Reputation, recommendation

· It’s the nearest school to us, my older boys went here and loved the school

· Proximity, Ofsted, reputation

· I love the layout and all of the involvement parents have.  I was told from several people when we moved to WB what a great school it is

· Me and my other children went here, the staff have always been excellent

· Her older brother goes and we chose it for him because we heard it was fantastic

· People in our family have been coming for years

· Local and his sister loves it

· Such a brilliant reputation with lots of positive words about the school prior to S starting reception.  We knew MP would bring on S’s confidence and it certainly has.

· We did not, we were placed here as the only available space

· Close, good reputation and Ofsted

· Recommendation from a friend whose child attends MP

· Reputation based on results

· Good ratings, local and J went to nursery there

· Catchment area

· Good recommendations from previous parents.  Good feeling when visiting the school

· Friends recommended and in our catchment area

· S has settled in incredibly well, she is always so happy to go to school and says she enjoys ‘everything’.  S had such a lovely, positive parents evening and hearing she is happy and settled means so much.  Thank you to all of her lovely reception team.   S loves to learning she loves reading and writing in particular, please continue to challenge and stretch her as she is a little sponge just now.  S is loving her new reading books. 

· Communication is very good with parents about meetings and events

· The atmosphere and support from staff.  Very enthusiastic Headteacher

· Everything so far, please with the help T is having with his life skills

· Support from the staff for my daughter, she is going through a difficult time sin e arrival of her baby sister a month ago and staff were excellent with supporting her.

· The vast progress she has made in only a term

· Parents evening, a chance to see school books and meet teacher

· How well C has settled in

· Seeing what E is learning each week in his learning journal and seeing his reading progress

· The nurturing aspects, I have seen in peer 2 peer massage and cosmic kids, wake up shake ups.  Learning creativity and R’s new found appetite to learn

· Great communications during transition from Nursery to Reception

· Our child is happy to attend school

What could we do better?

· Rather than the elder children starting first I feel my son, being one of the younger, would of settled easier if starting sooner

· Nothing

· In afterschool club there is no verbal had over at all.  It is probably not a bad thing as then the teachers would have even less time to be amazing with the kids.

· We’re very happy with how the first half term has progressed

· Reduce the length of the staggered start at the beginning of nursery year.  Whilst I recognise the need for this it seems to be much longer than other settings which are similar (3 weeks)

· Make plans and solutions before a big event so every child can be involved

· Nothing

· No attendance rewards (this is discriminatory) No uniforms to promote and celebrate individuality

· In my opinion, nothing ….. continue doing what you are doing

· Nothing, I think you are all fab

· I would have liked more lunchtime feedback initially, maybe halfway through the last term

· I’m very happy

· I wish breakfast club started at 7.30am in line with other childcare providers, even 7.45am would be more helpful.

· Nothing so far

· Perhaps help to pair children up with a ‘buddy’ if they’re new to the school (as my daughter was)

· Nothing

· Keep doing what you’re doing!

· 7.45 am breakfast club start

· A little more feedback as to how she is doing would be helpful

· Nothing so far

· Be mindful of the allocation of pegs to the children in nursery.  My daughters peg is close to the door so in the mornings there can be a lot of squishing up and moving around.  Or perhaps open the other door.

· Letter explanation of club fees

· More reading opportunities, Increase frequency of books.

· Creativity – thinking outside the box when doing things, more imagination and creativity.

· The only thing I can think of is perhaps the set up for school concerts.  I can rarely see my child but I know it’s really hard for the teachers to come up with something to please everyone!  Maybe a platform or even just putting the pupil in height order?  So no one is blocked or overlooked.

· Nothing at this stage

· Nothing

· Nothing

· Nothing – do less work!

· Class teachers to engage with parents more at the start and end of each day

· I can’t think of anything.  I have no complaints

· I was told about a group (Nellie) which ‘I’ would be involved in to build up his confidence – I would love to hear more about this and I’s progression within this group

· We feel L has been placed in the wrong class as she tells us every day that doesn’t have any friends in her class – which makes her not want to go to school

· When a new / different teacher in, on the door, they could introduce themselves better

· Call to let us know kids are ok when they have been very upset

· Nothing at present

· It would be helpful for some feedback on how T is getting on in his life skills group.  Also it would be helpful to let me know if there is anything I should be doing at home to enhance these skills

· J would like to do more painting

· Nothing – we are pleased with all aspects of ours and our children’s experiences at MP

· Nursery and early years yard needs a good tidy / sort.  Make more of this outside space


· Good reputation, great atmosphere and environment and sibling link

· Proximity to home, our other children attend

· Locality

What have you been particularly pleased with?

· All aspects.  The nursery team are amazing as ever

· Friendliness of staff and ability to make J feel at ease immediately treating him as an individual.

· How well H has come on and how he enjoys it

· How well A has settled in

· The caring nature of the staff

· The wraparound facility and continuity of staff.  Excellent and enthusiastic teacher.  A lovely atmosphere for our daughter to learn.

· How well settled G is since the start of the year.  Homely atmosphere and kind caring adults.  The organised routine allowing supported independence.

· How quickly the Nursery and WA staff have got to know C and helped her settle in

· T’s progress and how happy he is.

· Teaching staff support and nurturing

· Parents evening and Harvest Festival

· Flexible and adaptive learning

· A has settled in very well in Reception.  His reading and writing has progressed very quickly.

· Following on from my sons amazing 5 years at MP, this school continues to provide a safe and Happy environment for my daughter to learn and develop

· Overall impressed.  I was pleased to hear emotional and social needs are balanced and focused on as well as learning

· H being happy and doing really well

· How well my child has settled in and seems to be happy

· Friendly and nurturing staff

· Everything has been very well organised and all the children seemed to have been settled very well.  Lovely friendly and professional staff. 

· School feels very nurturing which is most important to us.  I love the small touches like the photo of them having lunch.  I also don’t feel that it’s too pushy academically, yet another thing that is important to us.

· Staff – all teachers and staff are amazing.  Very good and very friendly

· J loves it

· Teaching staff and home-school interaction.  Fresh reading material

· We continue to be very impressed by the lovely, nurturing environment created by all the teaching, support and office staff.  We have always felt that the school is very focussed on our child’s individual needs and progress despite it being a large school.  Transition from Nursery to Reception has been smooth and enjoyable for S.  We are impressed with how much she has learned / experienced already this half term.  Thank you!

· My daughter has settled into the school very quickly – it feels as though she has been welcomed and made to feel part of things.

· Parents evening

· Individual care for G’s needs and issues.  Excellent – thank you!

· Love the ‘learning journey’ A great way to see what A has been learning.  He likes showing me it and talking about the photos.  He has also settled in so quickly, thanks to all the hard work from Mrs Colvine and Mrs Brice.

· Opportunities to come in to school and see how J is doing eg Harvest Assembly.  We also love the learning journey book.

· How much the teachers have helped P settle in to Reception and supported her with times of upset when leaving Mum

· How well he has settled in and how friendly and warm the staff are across the school.

· E has settled in well and is happy coming to school

· R’s progress

· How much my child has learnt!

· Friendliness of staff

· A has built up a quick relationship with his teachers

· Watching my daughter enjoy her learning journey book and sharing about her time at school with me

· How much E loves it.  The bikes outside, the setting in period was good.

· Leadership presence at school drop off / pick up and open events.

· Communication

· How well she has settled.  The staff are helpful, fun and friendly.  There is a great variety of things to play and learn.  She has come on so much.

· The nursery staff are fantastic, they have made S feel so comfortable

· W’s progress.  He’s always happy when he comes home

· How quickly R has settled in and how caring the staff are with the children

· Mrs Evans – warm, experienced and enthusiastic.  Outdoor space

· The learning journey and buddy system

· Progress since starting and focus on manners, feelings as well as learning.

· Wraparound care is fantastic!  Mrs Feenan takes great care of the children

· How much my child loves school and how quickly she settled in

· Nurturing atmosphere and varied nursery curriculum

· The way G has settled in and adapted to school life

· The wide variety of activities the children participate in.  it is lovely to see this in the learning journey and also the items she brings home – sculpture, Christmas cards etc.

· His class teachers and how engaged L is because of their excellent planning.  He adores school and is very engaged with his learning.  He has developed great pen control and has a command of the different sounds.

· Everyone’s lovely and helped L settle in when he was upset being left.

· Progress and increase in confidence.

· I’m pleased with Isaac’s progression with his letters and phonics

· How well the school helps and teaches the children

· How well the kids learn and come on

· Everything -it’s a great school

· The support with his speech

EYFS Parent/carer results autumn 2018

Strongly Agree



Strongly Disagree

Don't know/No answer

Total Number













Strongly Agree/Agree

Disagree/Strongly Disagree


My child enjoys school















The school keeps my child safe















The school informs me about my child’s progress















The school helps me to support my child’s learning















The school meets my child’s particular needs















The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns















Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at this school














*Question 6 received a number of ‘don’t know’ responses as many parents/carers felt it was not applicable to them.


Context and outcomes:


· The deadline for returned questionnaires was Friday 16th November. 

· The response rate for the questionnaire was 52%.

· Responses are very positive with the vast majority strongly agreeing/agreeing with each of the statements.

· Parent consultations took place on the 16th and 18th of October, which was the first “formal” opportunity to inform parents of how their child was settling into Nursery and Reception.


Thank you for taking the time to complete the EYFS questionnaire.  Your comments are much appreciated.