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How would you rate the information you received prior to Robinwood?

28 (48%)

28 (48%)

1 (2%)


1 (2%)

How would you rate the arrangements for paying for the trip?

28 (48%)

26 (45%)

4 (7%)



Comments/suggestions for improvements prior to the trip:

(Response in red)

Opportunity to have photos from the trip

Some parents do not give permission for photos but we use photos from parents that give permission in a slideshow which we put on the school website.

More payment options. Struggled to find my cheque book. Direct payment would have been easier

Online payments, shorter meeting.

Spreading the cost really helped it would be convenient to be able to pay online.

Being able to pay by standing order over the year would help.

Reduce expenses for trip.

We are working on systems for payment for trips online.

Liked the savers scheme Ė a great way to spread payment.† The information was good Ė it was just a long time until the actual trip.

Parental meetings that working parents can attend.† Information sent out, or discussed in meetings on the school website

Missed a meeting but would have like to see the slides posted on the website.

Informed that a letter would be sent home for parents unable to make it to the meeting prior to the trip but nothing received.† Unsure as to what to pack for medication

The slides from the first meeting were posted on the website and a letter was sent out following the second meeting. The first parents meeting was at 6 p.m. but the second was brief and did not justify an evening meeting but was supported by a letter that was sent out to pupils the same day.

Rate Robinwood against these criteria

(you may need to discuss this with your child)






No Answer

Value for money;

23 (40%)

29 (50%)

6 (10%)



The range of experiences offered to the children;

52 (90%)

5 (9%)

1 (2%)



The accommodation and the food;

27 (47%)

31 (53%)




The quality of care and instruction from Marine Park and Robinwood staff;

48 (83%)

10 (17%)




Suggestions for improvement whilst we are away:

None- all good thankyou.

None Ė there was regular communication.

None experience got a double outstanding!

Nothing. It was all excellent.

None it was well organised.

Activities lasting longer.

Piranha pool wasnít real!!!

Bigger caves.

Would have liked a night light.

Signs in corridor so you donít get lost, disco.

Better beds.

Said he received the wrong food order twice

We tried to follow this up and the child told us he couldn't remember what he had order.

Improve the showers and toilets.

Caving place could be made bigger.† Toilet facilities (boys) could be looked after better.

Less creaky beds.

Allow child to contact parent.

Liked how instructors double checked equipment for safety.† He rated accommodation as outstanding even with crane fly in the bathroom!

From a LA teacherís perspective I am unsure why schools choose not to support High Borrans which is cheaper for a much more independent and memorable experience. (Just my opinion!).

The feedback and success of the current arrangement is the main reason we continue to use Robinwood.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. If there are any additional comments or suggestions, please use this box.

Thought the timing of trip was a perfect start to Year 4.

A fabulous opportunity for pupils to try activities that they never normally do. Excellent facilities and care by all. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Had a brilliant time at Robinwood Thank you

Had a wonderful time many thanks for facilitating this experience. Iím sure they will pass on their excitement to the Year 3 group.

Thanks to everyone for making this trip so great

Thoroughly enjoyed hearing all the stories about your adventures. Thank you to all staff who went on the trip.

Enjoyed the trip so much.† Thank you to all the staff for their time effort and care for the children.

Excellent fun and exciting. Thank you for the care and attention shown to *** in light of his food allergies he was in very good and safe hands.

Had a fantastic time, thank you so much to all the staff who looked after them.

Keep it up.

Everything was great.

Thank you for giving *** a brilliant experience.† She is the third child in our family to go and all of them have loved it.† Well done Year 4 Team.

Better than outstanding.

Had a fantastic time a huge thank you to all the staff at MPFS and Robinwood.

Thought it was fantastic and would love to do it all again.† Thanks for looking after him and keeping him entertained.† He was buzzing

Had a fabulous time at Robinwood and has told me thatís where he would like to work when heís older.

Had an awesome time.

Messages received from the school whilst the children were away were lovely and appreciated.

Thank you for the text updates I really appreciated them.

It would be great to get a text (or a heads up) when the pictures go up on the website.

We will do this. Look out for a prompt in a newsletter.

Appreciated the regular text while the group was away many thanks.

Thank you so much for managing to return xxxís wallet and with the money!

SMSís were great thanks!

Absolutely loved the trip thank y6ou for providing a fantastic experience for the kids and making us parents feel they were safe and secure whilst away.