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                   EYFS Parent/Carer Questionnaire

                 Summary Autumn 2017

Thank you for your wonderfully positive comments. These are available to view on our school website. We also value your suggestions on what we could do better and would like to take the opportunity to respond to some of your feedback:

Criteria for Nursery start dates:

Taking the older children into Nursery first ensures that most of the children are settled and busy by the time the younger children start. This helps them to see what lovely activities are on offer and watch other children in the environment to help them understand how they can work in the different areas. This can be a super distraction for children who take a little reassurance to separate from their grown-up. This system proves very successful for us. We will consider the feasibility of additional Nursery visits prior to children’s start dates, to support their transition and share information.

Online Learning Journeys:

There are many ways to present a Learning Journey and many schools do create electronic versions. For our children, we value our Learning Journey books. They create a lovely opportunity to share home/school news and ‘wow’ moments; the children love to share them in small groups in class which encourages them to talk; we include them in our reading areas where children enjoy reviewing their learning with their friends, looking back at all of the wonderful things they have been making and doing; and they support the development of book skills as children need to hold their books correctly and turn pages appropriately. We include the weekly overviews from 30 hour provision, Nursery and Reception to give parents and carers information on what their child has been learning each week so you can support their learning at home.

30 hour food diaries:

Our extended provision staff  do complete a daily food diary for every child attending the session, which they complete whilst having lunch with the children. Every half term, staff also collate an overview of which meals have been eaten and which foods your child  has enjoyed or disliked. These will be shared with you.


Our Reception information evening in September provided lots of information on the Early Years curriculum and how children learn their letter sounds to support their reading. We are currently developing an area of the ‘parentzone’ page on our school website to signpost parents to high quality phonics learning resources.

After school club opportunities for Reception:

We advised parents at our welcome evening in June that Reception children will have the opportunity to access out of school sports clubs in the spring term. Interest in these clubs often exceeds places available, so we strive to ensure that all children who wish to take part have the opportunity to do so at some point during their Reception year.

School performances:

We appreciate that due to the number of children in Nursery and Reception, it can be difficult for them to be seen during performances. Unfortunately, because our main hall is multi-purpose it can be very difficult for the stage to be erected. Sporting clubs etc. need the whole space to be utilised, otherwise there can be health and safety issues. We do, however, always use the stage for our Christmas performances, where children take turns in groups to perform.  Each class also performs their own Class Assembly in the spring  or summer term which are special smaller events for families.

Water bottles:

In line with our ‘Healthy Schools’ status, children are encouraged to drink water during the school day. They are able to access their water bottles at any time.


Please speak to Early Years staff if we can be of any further assistance.

Why did you choose our school?

· Because of the brilliant work the teachers did while she was at nursery and the school visit we had with the Headteacher.

· Proximity, siblings

· Close proximity to home, siblings attend this school, Ofsted rating, reputation.

· Fantastic reputation, older daughter very happy, amazing teaching staff.

· We were offered a place when we moved into the area and had been told it was an excellent school by parents who already had children there.

· Location, reputation

· Due to its fantastic reputation.  H went to nursery at MPFS and we couldn’t have been happier.

· Ofsted rating and reputation generally amongst parents.

· Ofsted report, proximity, siblings attend / attended.

· Good reputation.  Because of the size assumed would be an interesting mix of pupils for children to interact with.

· Good facilities, strong reputation.

· Older sister attended the school and had a wonderful experience.

· Reputation and catchment.

· Positive experiences previously with older children attending.

· Catchment area

· Closest to home, fantastic location, well kept, well equipped with a fantastic reputation.

· Catchment, sibling

· Very good reputation.

· Fantastic school, great reputation, super location.  I also went to MP as a child.

· We felt it was the best school in the area, wanted the best start for E.

· My son C attended the school, he’s just started high school.  He was very happy and we liked the school and the teachers.

· Good reputation and close to our house.

· Distance, reputation.

· We heard very good things from families of older children.  It is our local Nursery.

· Brother attends and he absolutely loves it and thrives.

· Already have children in the school.  School has an excellent reputation.  I have always had positive experiences at this school.  My boys love it.  They learn well and teachers are extremely competent and also lovely.

· Glowing recommendations from family members / former pupils.  Warm helpful and efficient staff.

· Reputation

· Good reports from other parents, very close to home.

· Highly recommended and proximity to home.

· Reputation and in our catchment area.

· Closest but also very good reputation locally.

· Distance from our house and rating.

· My daughter went to this school and enjoyed it.  It’s in our catchment area and is rated by Ofsted.

· Sibling attends

· Good reputation – word of mouth and positive comments from parents.  Local to home and looked lovely.  Fab Summer Fayre.

· Son went to this school.

· Eldest child already at MP.  Had heard it was a good school and was pleased with my eldest child’s progress.

· Good reputation, cousins were happy there!  Large number of pupils so exposure to many different people, but school did not feel too big when visited.

· Very happy with our experience with our son attending so also wanted our daughter to join the school.

· By recommendation from other parents and Ofsted Reports.

· Recommendations, good reputation, proximity to home.

· Very good reputation and happy atmosphere, liked it very much.

· It is close and has an excellent reputation.

· Sibling

· The good facilities and Ofsted report.

· Close to home, good reputation.

· Location.

· After research, it is the best one that suited our needs.

· Good local reputation.

· Ofsted reports, proximity to home address, previously went to MP Nursery, good reputation.

· Sister loves it.

· Reputation, proximity. L was at the Nursery.

· Ofsted rating and friend recommendation.

· Distance from home

· We were very impressed with the school from the outset when we first looked around.  We loved the setting, the outside space and the ethos.

· Very impressed with the overall ethos of the school.  Perfect learning environment for my child.  Excellent reputation and Ofsted report. Of all the websites observed by far the best.

· Because all our family come this school and we love the teachers.

· Reputation.  Friends with children at MP spoke highly of it.

· Combination of location and reputation.

· Nearest to home address.

· Facilities, recommendation, Ofsted report.

· The school was recommended, has a family feeling and is local.

· Location, Ofsted results and modern facilities / a lot of outdoor space.

· We moved to the area late in the application process – we looked at reputation, talked to friends and wanted to look at a happy healthy environment.

· Within catchment.

· Good reputation.

· Older sibling, local school.

· Big brother goes here and we chose it for F because we heard so many good things about it.

· Positive feedback from other parents.

· Reputation, proximity, sibling link, culture and feel of school at looking at it.

· Catchment school and sister is in school.

· Good feedback from other parents.

· W’s sister attends and had a fantastic experience in nursery.  The staff are very competent and capable, they are reassuring with the children.

What have you been particularly pleased with?

· The change on our daughter’s attitude from crying and refusing to go to nursery to her being excited and looking forward to the next day in.

· Understanding that we need sometimes to let K come into nursery on her own as we deposit her brother.  Wraparound is great too, very personal and focussed.

· Pleased with how the transition to nursery has been, communication and how much F enjoys coming to nursery.

· Making both my children feel welcome supported and learning opportunities are great.

· How child focused and caring it is.  Excellent facilities, communications with parents, how happy all the children are.

· Brilliant teaching staff who go the extra mile for my children.  Great communication with parents.

· The relationship between the staff and the children.

· The creative ways the teachers promote learning.

· Fun injected into learning.

· Presence of Headteacher.  How well A has settled into the school thanks to the teachers and teaching assistants.

· The support H has had moving to a new school, the teachers are brilliant.

· Genuine care for all children’s learning and safety.  Yes the basics matter the most!

· The fantastic support and care my daughter has been given from the nursery staff.  P has been struggling with being separated from mum and dad and the nursery staff have been fantastic.

· Quality of the teaching and the care and attention given to each child.

· The caring and nurturing approach towards T from all the staff.

· Staff and leadership in school, expectations of pupils.

· How well M has been supported to settle in and the strong leadership from Mr Easton and the senior team and Governors

· How comfortable my son has been made to feel.

· How well J has settled into a class where he knew no one on day one.

· The amount of progress he has made since starting.

· E’s progress.  Communication from the school.

· Liked the feedback from teachers at parents evening so we knew she had settled in ok.

· O has struggled to settle in and adapt.  I have felt supported and feel that O has been cared for, she does 3 very long days.  I feel that staff understand this and allow for rest time.

· The warm welcome and attention to H’s needs.

· How quickly O has settled.

· How quickly the staff have got to know A and the effort they have gone to, to make her feel welcome.  A is really enjoying her nursery experience.  She always asks to go in the morning, even on a weekend.  Thank you for all you are doing, we really appreciate all the hard work!

· The overwhelming support from the staff that have helped E settle so quickly.  She can’t wait to come back each morning.

· The children love to learn, teaching is done in a fun way and the interaction between parents and teachers is wonderful.  I have a great rapport with all my boys’ teachers.

· The quality and quantity of work done so far and the level of feedback received already – far exceeded expectations.

· Teachers are fantastic feedback is excellent

· The Learning Journey.  It’s fun to engage with and C seems very proud of it.

· Communication has been great.  Parents evening informative, F seems very happy.

· Learning Journey.  Activities inspired by artists.

· School community, nurturing environment and teaching.

· My son is really enjoying reading and writing and asks to practise at home too.  The teachers have sparked his enthusiasm.

· Love the staff

· Communication between breakfast/after school club, staff and teachers.

· The opportunities for enrichment and the caring and supportive ethos of the school.

· Presence of Headteacher at key times – playtime / when leaving school etc.  Appears to be available.  Also very pleased with teachers and teaching assistants attitude and caring nature.

· How my daughter has been helped to settle in and get used to school life transitioning from school Nursery to Reception.

· How happy G is making new friends and taking ‘big school’ in his stride with support of the teaching staff.

· Community, socialising J, keeping us informed with the Learning Journey, easy transitions between Nursery and Wraparound.

· Strong community spirit and support within the school

· More feedback on children’s general progress in all areas and information on how much they eat.  (However I do appreciate this is difficult to monitor – a food diary for Reception children would be valuable.

· Wraparound – staff support

· My child’s progress.

· How well my child has settled into her new class and loves her teachers.

· Communication, learning and being involved.

· How happy and enthusiastic J is.

· The way I has settled in.

· Teachers emphasising the ‘whole child’ rather than just academic focus.

· Accommodating our daughter in after school club at short notice.

· The care for my child.

· We have been really pleased with O’s progress in her first half term particularly with increase in word recognition.  Parents are kept well informed about forthcoming events with newsletters / text messages which is really helpful. Parents evening soon after she started was also useful.

· Communication both verbal and written in learning journey and website.

· Reading progress / English.

· L is very happy at school and enjoys learning.  Teaching and support seem excellent.

· We’ve been particularly pleased and impressed with Mrs Foreman for her dedication to her profession and for the way the environment has been created for Lily to have such a good first half term.

· Happy smiling teachers.

· Speed of progress with writing.

· How easily I settled into school and how much she enjoys going.

· A lovely happy start to school.  Friendly teachers and positive experience all round so far.

· Mr Easton’s presence all over school, showing an interest in all of the pupils and he cares about what happens at the school.

· M’s progress and how well she has settled in.

· Welcoming teachers really making an effort.  Reading and writing coming along really well.

· The Nursery and Wraparound staff are FANTASTIC!! OUTSTANDING!!

· How much my child enjoys nursery.

· How R has settled in.

· Staff!  Friendly caring and supportive.  We feel they know our child well in the short time they have known him.  Learning journey helps us to talk about what he has been doing.

· The caring attitude of the staff.

· Professional attitude and friendliness of the staff.

· I’m pleased about the transition between nursery and wraparound care.  There seems to be great synergy here.  The focus on building confidence is brilliant.

What could we do better?

· No Suggestions I am happy with every aspect of MPFS

· I have no experiences myself however I would recommend starting the young children in nursery first to settle them in before the older ones.

· Unsure at the moment.  Happy so far.

· School dinners can be a bit of a problem if the children receive a different meal to what was ordered and expected.  Staff are however very helpful when trying to sort this out.

· No concerns.

· Leverage a lined notebook to teach children better calligraphy.

· Just keep doing what you’re doing!  Thank you!

· Open Breakfast Club earlier, even by just half an hour.

· I can think of anything based on the experience so far.

· After school club opportunities for Reception.

· Bit longer to complete learning journeys.

· I’m happy all around.

· At home time it would be great if there was a whiteboard that notes one of the main activities from the day, just to help lead the ‘what did you do today’ conversations.

· Nothing – keep it up!!

· Nothing noted.  Very glad to have chosen Marine Park.

· Nothing

· Too soon to comment.

· Use of technology to help parents look at playtimes of children i.e. Tapestry, however realise that practically this is difficult.

· Ban homework

· Nothing at present

· Online payment option for trips, activities etc.

· No concerns.

· Not sure.

· Nothing to comment.

· Can’t think of anything.

· For nursery children who stay 30 hours a food diary would be very valuable, however I do appreciate this would be difficult.

· The quality of teaching is very high and consistent.

· Nothing – very happy.

· Nothing.

· Night classes for parents to learn cursive writing and phonics!! (all new to me having been schooled in the 1980’s)

· The school is outstanding, it does not need to improve on anything.

· Understanding of what happens during school days when Lilly goes to breakfast club and after school club.

· Online Learning Journey.  My child tells me very little about his day.  Would be nice to see daily observations of his learning – help him to talk about it.

· Not sure.

· Only just received info on how to help with letters, this could have been provided at the beginning of the year or even Nursery.

· Not an improvement really, but we are keen to see G supported with making friends as the term goes on.

· A stage for school performances as its heart-breaking not being able to see the kids or them seeing parents.

· We feel transition into Nursery did not work for our child.  His sister had more visits into Reception and until he was in school full time we didn’t have the chance to share information about him through the parent partnership booklet.  We would have liked the chance to explain / share some of this before to help his transition as information in there (language, confidence) would have been relevant and could have supported this transition.  Perhaps shorter visits rather than 1 visit and a gap of over 2 weeks before he came in full time would have helped though we recognise this comes with logistical problems.

· Nothing, keep up the good work.

· Some flexibility with start times of wraparound in the mornings by 5 minutes.

· It would be great if W drank more fluids during the day.

EYFS Parent/carer results autumn 2017

Strongly Agree



Strongly Disagree

Don't know/No answer

Total Number













Strongly Agree/Agree

Disagree/Strongly Disagree


My child enjoys school















The school keeps my child safe















The school informs me about my child’s progress















The school helps me to support my child’s learning















The school meets my child’s particular needs















The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns















Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at this school














*Question 6 received a number of ‘don’t know’ responses as many parents/carers felt unable to comment as they had no suggestions or concerns to date.


Context and outcomes:


· The deadline for returned questionnaires was Friday 17th November. 

· The response rate for the questionnaire was 54%.

· Responses are very positive with the vast majority strongly agreeing/agreeing with each of the statements.

· Parent consultations took place on the 10th and 12th of October, which was the first “formal” opportunity to inform parents of how their child was settling into Nursery and Reception.


Thank you for taking the time to complete the EYFS questionnaire.  Your comments are much appreciated.