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A great place to start, with individual categories for ‘letters and sounds’ and ‘stories and rhymes’ this is great if you’re looking for fun activities to complete with your child. You can even recap and reinforce your child’s knowledge as they get older by selecting the appropriate age tab at the top of the screen.


This website walks you through each phase of ‘letters and sounds’. There are free resources and games for children, along with an introduction to explain each phase to parents.


A more advanced phonics game looking at segmenting each word into its individual sounds. With three difficulty levels, select the one that best meets your child’s needs.


You may want to use this one to create your own words using the CVC maker. This is also handy for labelling everyday items, before creating conversations between aliens and exploring the word wheel.


You may need to check which games are most suitable. With it being an American website they often refer to the letter names rather than the letter sounds. However you can use this website to support your child with their letter sounds and learning to read. It will take you all the way through and provides you with a wide range of text types to keep your children entertained. It is a shame that many of these are only available as demos. To access full content you would have to subscribe.


The children will be familiar with this website. Select Free Phonics Play and enjoy games such as Buried Treasure and Make a Match. All phases are available with the toolbar down the left hand side.


This is a fantastic game! Each stage is set out clearly down the toolbar. Some of the games will require you to check if they are correct such as the Flashcard games.


Pick out the phase you want to revise and the sounds within that phase. There are plenty of games to play however not all areas are free to access.


Mr Thorne Does Phonics is a great paid app, however, he has a Youtube channel where you can access a lot of the videos for free. He covers all of the  phases  and provide lessons to help refresh your child’s learning. The best thing is it is Mr Thorne himself in each video, allowing children to see and hear each sound in isolation.

Simplex Spelling with Reverse Phonics: Lite (APP)

This app uses  reverse phonics to help children to improve their reading and spelling. This app generally focuses on high frequency words.  An added bonus is this app does not require adult assistance.

Simplex Spelling

Phonics Genius (APP)

This app is a flash card style app with over 6000 words. There are interactive games and quiz modes. You can tailor the words that your child is focusing on in school by creating your own custom cards and recording your own voice.

Phonics Genius

Phonics with Phonzy (APP)

This app provides engaging ways to practice the sounds of different letters.  Phonzy will take you through various sounds and then listens to your child sounding them out. Some flaws are that the chosen words can be quite challenging and it can’t pick up on the wrong pronunciation so some assistance may be required.

Phonics with Phonzy


A new little site with activities for teaching single sounds through to digraphs. More content is being added consistently. This is an American game so listen carefully to the pronunciation. There are a few nice rhymes you can learn with your child.

Read Write Inc. Phonics – information for parents


Read Write Inc. Phonics is a whole-school approach to teaching literacy that creates fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.