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2014-nat-curr-logo-square-1117128Annual Report

Marine Park First School Annual Report for Parents/Carers 2015-16

A short OFSTED style report created by the school to highlight strengths and areas we are developing further.

Forthcoming Events

· 17/10/16 Non Uniform for Golden Yellows (moved from Fri 21/10/16)

· 18/10/16 Nursery and Reception (EYFS) Harvest Assembly 9.15 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

· 19/10/16 Year 1 Harvest Assembly 9.15 a.m.

· 19/10/16 Year 2 Harvest Assembly 2.30 p.m.

· 20/10/16 Year 3 Harvest Assembly 9.15 a.m.

· 20/10/16 Year 4 Harvest Assembly 2.30 p.m.

· 21/10/16 Y4 Victorian Day

· 21/10/16Pupils break up for half term holidays

· 28/10/16 Closing date for applications for Middle Schools 2017

· 31/10/16 Pupil return to school

· 3/11/16 PTA meeting in Jam Jar Cinema 8 p.m.

· 7/11/16 SEND Drop in Session with the SENCO 3-4.15 p.m.

· 8/11/16 School Photographer

· 13/11/16 PTA Film Night

· 14/11/16 Deadline for Christmas Card orders

· 18/11/16 Children in Need-more details to follow from the Junior Apprentices

· 18/11/16 St Nicholas Festival (Christmas Lights event)

· 29/11/16 Key Stage 1 (Y1 and 2) Christmas Concert 2 p.m.

· 30/12/16 Key Stage 1 (Y1 and 2) Christmas Concert 10 a.m.

· 1/12/16 Key Stage 1 (Y1 and 2) Christmas Concert 10 a.m.

· 1/12/16 PTA Christmas Market

· 2/12/16 Training Day– School Closed for Pupils

· 5/12/16 SEND Drop in Session with the SENCO 3-4.15 p.m.

· 6/12/16 Key Stage 2 (Y3 and 4) Christmas Concert 2 p.m. at Whitley Bay Baptists’ Church (new venue)

· 7/12/16 Christmas Dinner

· 8/12/16 EYFS Christmas Concert 2 p.m.

· 9/12/16 EYFS Christmas Concert 10 a.m.

· 12/12/16 Family Group Prize– details to be revealed later!

· 13/12/16 Key Stage 2 Christmas Party

· 14/12/16 PTA Pantomime for all pupils

· 15/12/16 Key Stage 1 and EYFS Christmas Party

· 16/12/16 Pupils break up for the Christmas Holidays

· 3/1/17 (Tuesday) Pupils return to school

· 13/1/17 Closing date for applications for Reception places 2017

Education at Marine Park 2015-16

An end of year slideshow

A summary slideshow which shows photographic highlights of 2015-16 at Marine Park